Ana & Nicolás Crespo // Azuay, Ecuador // 10oz

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Built upon the idea of constant innovation and excellence, and situated at the top of Ecuadorean Andes lies Finca Pillcocaja.  Owned by Ana & Nicolás Crespo, Pillcocaja is blessed with delicious coffee fortified by the beautiful terroir of the mountain.  Coffee trees here grow naturally under the shade of old native trees named Faiques, which feed on the natural springs that are formed in the highest parts of the mountain.

Ana & Nicolás are meticulous in their selection and processing, conducting multiple experiments in progressive fermentation techniques and variety selections.  This particular lot spoke to us on the cupping table as a beautifully expressive and floral representation of the typica variety.  This lot was processed submerged in water for 18 hours and dried for 12 days on African raised beds under 70% shade.

Azuay, Ecuador
1700 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.