Capixaba // Espírito Santo, Brazil // 10oz

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Espírito Santo is quite different from most of the rest of Brazilian coffee growing regions.  Unlike the very well-known regions of Brazil, it is quite hilly and has a rather varied landscape whereas most Brazilian coffee grows on a massive plateau.  This means that mechanical harvesting is completely off the table, and to our benefit, coffee needs to be hand picked and sorted, allowing for greater cherry selection.  Also, because of Espirito Santo’s proximity to the ocean, it is quite a bit windier, colder, and wetter, which can allow for slower maturation of coffee cherries, leading to a brighter, more sweet coffee than is typical for Brazil.  The net result is that even though coffee is growing at a rather low elevation (~900-1000 masl), the quality can be absolutely fantastic, far outpacing quality potential from other warmer and dryer regions.

Venda Nova Do Imigrante, Espirito Santo
Red & Yellow Catuai
~1000 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.