Chinga AB // Nyeri, Kenya // 10oz

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Chinga wet mill, or “factory”, is part of Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society, the umbrella organization that includes  Chinga  factory has 19 different factories and more than 14,000 farmer members across the southern Nyeri region. The Chinga factory, which processes coffee cherries sourced from almost 800 farmers, was founded in 1960 and is located between the Ruarai and Chinga rivers in far southern Nyeri near the Murang’a county border.

Kenya has a longstanding reputation for being known as the most meticulously processed coffee in the world, with rigid structures in place for drying, fermentation, and sorting.  The Kenyan system sorts coffee by size into four main categories : AA (the largest beans), AB, C (the smallest), and PB (short for pea-berry).

The characteristics and quality of each of these lots provides an opportunity to experience the influence that density and size can have on a coffee, much less exactly how these Kenyan processes can further detail the overall coffee experience — minimizing “noise” and amplifying the fine details within the cup.

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