Cikole Estate Anaerobic Natural // West Java, Indonesia // 10oz

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Originally from the neighboring island of Sumatra, Jakub Lazuardi grew up on coffee farms before traveling to the US to continue his higher education before finally landing in West Java where he became head processor of Cikole Estate.

Located in the forest of Maribaya, near the capital city of West Java, Bandung, this farm grows a single variety of Typica.  The coffee farm is located deep in the forest surrounded by villages where many of the farmers grow coffee for a living. The coffee cherries are picked, then transported by truck 30 minutes away to Cikole Estate for processing.

Once arrived in the processing facility, this lot is bagged in an air-tight plastic bags where anaerobic fermentation can begin.  Once the coffee reaches a certain pH level, coffees are removed from the bag and moved to the green house for drying. From there, the coffee is continually turned by hand until it reaches 10-12% moisture.

Cupunagara Province
1500 MASL
Anaerobic Natural 
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.