Divino Niño Decaf // Huila, Colombia

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Divino Niño is a partnership group consisting of 25 producers within Huila.  The producers who supply coffee to this lot are paid fixed prices well above c-market standards, and producers who deliver coffee within specified metrics are given an additional bonus on the coffee received.

This particular lot was processed, dried, and blended before being sent of for decaffeination using the Ethyl-Acetate decaffeination process — a natural compound derived from locally sourced Colombian sugarcane.  For us, this process preserves clear sense of quality and provenance, while allowing the coffee to be processed fully within the borders of Colombia, as opposed to harsher methods that require transport back and forth between North America or Europe for decaffeination.

Suaza, Huila
Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
1300 - 1700 MASL
Washed, Sugar Cane Decaffeination
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.