Gaharo // Kayanza, Burundi

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Gaharo Hill is where the story began with Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi as the first washing station built under the project to create access for the farmers of Burundi to improve their coffees, practices, and to be able to connect with roasters.

Gaharo is also where the story began for us at HEX as the first coffee we released back in 2017.  We thrilled to be able to offer this coffee once again and celebrate the growth both of us and the farmers who produced this beautiful coffee.

At the Bukeye Washing Station freshly harvested cherries are delivered, floated and hand-sorted for ripeness upon arrival. The cherries are pulped and undergo a single fermentation process.  Parchment spends around twelve hours dry fermenting.  It is then rinsed in fresh water, and left to soak for another four to six hours in the final rinse tank. The parchment is carried to covered drying tables where it spends between six and forty-eight hours pre-drying.

It is then moved to traditional African raised tables where it spends between sixteen to twenty days slow drying.

Washing Station
Muramvya Province
Heirloom Bourbon
1700 - 2100 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.