Mas Morenos // Santa Barbara, Honduras

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The Moreno family has been producing coffee in Santa Barbara, near the town of El Cidra since 1963, with the purchase of El Campo by Daniel Moreno, the patriarch of the family.  Since then the younger generations have also established their own farms on the volcanic hillsides of Santa Barbara.  The Moreno family’s commitment to understanding all aspects of coffee production, along with their willingness to work together and share information within not only the family, but with neighboring farms, has established themselves as somewhat of a coffee farming dynasty in Santa Barbara, inspiring many of their neighbors and beyond to do specialty coffee. 

This particular lot is a collaborative field blend from multiple Moreno farms.  An opportunity to blend multiple smaller lots together to create something larger for export.  We feel this creates a wonderfully sweet and rounded experience of what the Moreno family is capable of producing.

The Moreno Family
Mixed Field Blend
1450 - 1730 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.