Mya Ze Di Natural // Ywangan, Myanmar

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The mountainous areas around Ywangan and Pindaya towns make up the ancestral homeland of the Danu people — the prominent people group that make up the producers and workers within the Mya Ze Di village, which takes its name from the Burmese language translating to “emerald temple.”

The Danu farmers here tend to their plots, mostly between one to five acres, picking cherries in the morning and delivering daily to the central collection depot in the heart of Ywangan.  Here, individual lots are inspected, graded and sorted before being they are sent either to Amayar Women’s Processing Facility or Mandalay Coffee Group for further wet and dry milling.

Though not certified, pesticides are prohibited in Ywangan Township, so residents and smallholders produce coffee in an organic style.

Taunggyi District, Shan State
1298 MASL
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