Sookoo Natural // Guji, Ethiopia // 10oz

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Sookoo coffee is a family owned exporting company that produces and exports organic specialty and traceable coffee in the high altitudes and semi-forest of Guji, located in the South of Oromia Mountains of Ethiopia.  Their focus is on working with small groups and providing education for the farmers – teaching good agricultural practices and picking practices. Freshly harvested cherries are delivered to the cherry collections centers or washing/drying stations where they go through intensive sorting to separate over and under-ripe fruit out from the lots. The coffee is then immediately put out onto a raised African bed while it is still fresh to protect fermentation for 21 - 28 days.  Here, cherries are turned a minimum of six times per day to promote even drying and fermentation.

After being hand sorted at the drying station, the remaining coffee beans go through a final sorting in Addis Ababa, utilizing an industrial optical color sorter that’s set to identify both primary and secondary defect beans. Here beans are also sorted from broken and lighter beans by using gravity separator.

Tima, Shokiso, Guji
JARC Varieties, Local Landraces
2000 - 2180 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.