Ture Waji Bookkisa // Guji, Ethiopia

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Ture Waji founded Sookoo Coffee and The Dambi Uddo Station in 2018.  This drying station, high up in the hills of Shakiso, Guji, buys cherry from roughly 100 small-holder farmers. While the norm in Latin America is for farmers to own many hectares with thousands of coffee trees, in Ethiopia, most growers are small landholders often harvesting coffee in their gardens, alongside crops for personal/family consumption.  Nearly all of the production from farmers in Ethiopia happens within a fully or semi-forested system. This means that there is much lower yield per tree and many fewer trees per hectare.

All of the cherry that is delivered to Dambi Uddo is fully organic. The cherry is separated by sub-kebele upon delivery. This lot is from the Bookkisa sub-kebele within the Swana kebele.

Swana, Shakiso
Gibirinna 74110 & Serto 74112
2,000-2,150 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.