Butegana // Kayanza, Burundi // 10oz

Butegana // Kayanza, Burundi // 10oz

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This coffee comes to us from the Butegana coffee mill in the Burundian province of Kayanza.  Butegana is committed to supporting the farmers that produce for the mill by providing nursery resources, training in agronomic good practices, teaching how to increase coffee productivity, and by connecting farmers to the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).  Additionally, of the 2310 coffee farmers delivering cherries to Butegana, 1618 are members of the Akarusho Coffee Farmers Group. This coop is formed into 70 separate training blocks with an average of 25 farmers per group.  These groups provide members with agronomic advice to increase yields and maintain healthy coffee trees.

We’re proud to work with these producers who show the highest commitment to producing a top quality product as well as taking the extra care to produce in a sustainable way.

Region : Gatara Commune, Kayanza
Varieties : Red Bourbon
Elevation : 1612 MASL 
Processing : Washed

*Roasts Monday, Ships Tuesday