Blida Kojowa // Guji, Ethiopia // 10oz

Blida Kojowa // Guji, Ethiopia // 10oz

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There's long been a conversation in coffee about whether or not naturally processed coffee provides proper distinction and clarity of terroir to be considered a proper specialty coffee.  Seeing as how specialty coffee is often characterized as a coffee displaying the quality and distinction from a specific place, I can understand why some may be drawn to that conclusion.  Oftentimes coffees processed this way neglect to show much variance of flavor -- the distinct acidity a coffee brings is subdued, and the liquor of sweet fruit sugars tend to overwhelm the cup and you're left with single-note coffees that all seem to taste the same regardless of distinct origin.

Yet, every now and then a naturally processed coffee comes along to completely break you from the idea that these coffees all taste the same.

This single-variety Wolisho Ethiopian is full of complex tropical fruit tones and florals and does a wonderful job of displaying an incredibly rich sweetness along with loads of crisp acidity and enough distinct terroir to continue to change our perceptions of naturally processed coffee.


Region : Kercha, Oromia
Varieties : Wolisho
Elevation : 1800 - 1900 MASL 
Processing : Natural

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