Fazenda IP // Carmo De Minas, Brazil // 10oz

Fazenda IP // Carmo De Minas, Brazil // 10oz

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Luiz Paola Dias Pereira’s father, Isidra Pereira, purchased Fazenda IP in 1967.  During this time, Luiz Paulo was studying agricultural techniques and livestock production and five years later, joined his father in managing the farm.  After seeing the struggles of coffee production first-hand, Luiz Paulo developed a bonus-paying policy to motivate all personnel involved in the post-harvest tasks.  When a lot resulted in cups scoring over 80 points, the bonus was enacted.  At the same time, Luiz Paulo offered the staff guidance and training on the importance of quality processes in coffee growing.  According to Luiz Paulo, “The search for innovation in the specialty coffee business must be constant and mandatory.  Nowadays, no one can run a coffee farm in a sustainable way with coffees rating below 80 points in a cupping session.”

This our second time working with Luiz Paulo, and we’re excited to offer a washed variant to the pulped natural coffee that we purchased from his previous harvest.

Tastes Like : Wildflower Honey, Grape, Nougat

Producer : Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira
Varieties : Yellow Catuai
Elevation : 950 - 1200 MASL 
Processing : Washed

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