Ivan Molano // Tolima, Colombia // 10oz

Ivan Molano // Tolima, Colombia // 10oz

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Ivan says he always gets a good chuckle when his farm named is announced at award ceremonies.  He was 11 when his father asked him what he wanted the plot of land that Ivan would eventually inherit to be called.  Ivan chose “Las Pulgas”, which translates to “The Fleas”.

Ivan is incredibly proud of the success he’s had as a coffee grower but even more proud of his marriage of 35 years and his four kids and that he’s been able to provide a future for them.

We’re proud to be able to once again purchase coffee from Ivan -- a farmer we look forward to sourcing from every year, as well as this year from his son, Jhon, as well, who’s coffee will be used as a main component in our FORM blend.

This is our third year working with Ivan and his coffees, and I doubt it will be our last.  As Ivan himself says, “I was born into coffee, and I will die in coffee.”


Farm : Las Pulgas
Varieties : Caturra
Elevation : 2070 MASL 
Processing : Washed 

*Roasts Monday, Ships the following day.