Javier Fernandez // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

Javier Fernandez // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

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Javier is a third generation coffee farmer and inherited his farm in 1997.

“Since we were very small we have helped on the farm of my grandfather and my father.  We were the right arm.  I remember when I turned 20, my father gave me a lot of land, less than 1 hectare.  He helped me because he could see how much I loved to cultivate coffee,  I continued working hard and to help him, and through this hard work I was able to extend my farm

In 2007 San Vicente requested some samples of our coffee, and told us we had potential to produce specialty grade coffee.  That same year we competed in the Cup of Excellence and our coffee was among those selected for auction, and we received a good price.”

- Javier

Tastes Like : Yellow Plum, Blackberry, Cocoa

Farm : Don Andres
Varieties : Pareinema
Elevation : 1600 MASL 
Processing : Washed


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