Las Palomas // Huehuetenago, Guatemala // 10oz

Las Palomas // Huehuetenago, Guatemala // 10oz

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Luis Pedro Zelaya Zamora is the fourth generation in his family to be working in coffee.  The Zelaya family’s first farm was Carmona, followed by Bella Vista, which is where their wet, dry mill facilities, and the “Zelcafé” offices are currently located. 

For the Zelaya family, their coffee endeavors are not only about business; their aim is to provide a good basis for generations of their family and community to come. With this in mind, they are constantly looking for ways to provide jobs to as many families in their communities as possible.  This particular lot is a result of those efforts.

Las Palomas is one of many mountain peaks around the San Pedro Necta area. The coffees making up this blend comes from the collective production of nine small producers located in and around Las Palomas.  Bella Vista first sourced these coffees with the help of Byron Benavente. Byron’s primary contact in this area is Marcos Domingo who leads the group of producers for Las Palomas. Through Byron, the families of Las Palomas have received assistance in improving their agricultural management and processing at their wet mill using Bella Vista-inspired methods.


Producer : Multiple, via Buena Vista
Varieties : Caturra, Pache, Catuai, Bourbon
Elevation : 1800 - 1975 MASL 
Processing : Washed


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