Pedra Branca // Minas Gerais, Brazil // 10oz

Pedra Branca // Minas Gerais, Brazil // 10oz

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In the municipality of Pedralva, near the Pedra Branca Mountain range (meaning “White Rock”), Beneficio Pedra Branca was built in 2012 by our exporting parter, Carmo Coffees, to give around 2000 small holder farmers in the region access to quality-focused and state of the art processing infrastructure.

The rich soil and high elevation make the coffees from this region perfect for specialty grade coffee although before Pedra Branca was built this was not always achieved due to poor infrastructure and lack of resources amongst the farmers.

Now, the farmers of Pedra Branca are producing better coffee than ever, with quality continuing to improve each harvest.

Tastes Like : Pear, Caramel, Cacao Nib

Producers : Maria Valéria & Maria Rogéria Pereira
Varieties : Acaia, Mundo Novo, & Yellow Bourbon
Elevation : 1075 - 1229 MASL 
Processing : Pulped Natural

*Roasts Monday, Ships Tuesday