Roxana Rafael // Cajamarca, Peru // 10oz

Roxana Rafael // Cajamarca, Peru // 10oz

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Peru has a long history of coffee production, yet the tools available to farmers and the resources available to find quality farmers committed to producing exceptional coffees has been lacking for decades. -- there were always a couple of links missing.

There hasn’t been a tradition of handling micro-lots transparently, and the cooperative trading model that is supposed to work in the farmers’ interest and for a common good wasn’t, so it had to be worked around. It wasn’t until last year, when our importing partners met Origin Coffee Lab, based in Jaén, Peru, that we could feel confident in finding outstanding coffees from this Cajamarca region of Northern Peru.

Roxana is one of those producers born from this relationship, and is exactly the type of producer we look for and get excited to work with. She’s a third generation farmer yet has only just recently started working on her own farm. She’s young and excited to continue on the path of excellence and is looking to find ways to increase production and quality throughout the farm. Already an incredibly sweet coffee, we’re excited to see the growth for Roxana and just how far she can push her farm.


Farm : La Peña Blanca
Varieties : Catimor
Elevation : 1800 MASL 
Processing : Washed

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