• FUNCTION // Instant

    FUNCTION // Instant

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    Expertly Produced Instant Coffee

    Each box includes 6 individual packs that contain 5g of freeze dried coffee. For best results mix with 8 - 10 oz of filtered water. 

    About FUNCTION :

    The perfect complimentary piece to our portfolio staple “FORM”, “FUNCTION” serves as the other side of that coin.  As FORM will constantly be in flux, dancing with the seasons, FUNCTION will stand strong in its permanence -- allowing you to know exactly what you’ll be getting every time.
    Within the parameters of seasonality and coffee, the components of FUNCTION will also change -- allowing this coffee to stay fresh year round, but “Form follows Function,” and each component will be replaced by a fresh harvest coffee that will play the same role in the blend.
    Expect a rich, decadent chocolate base, further deepened by baking spices, with warm fruit tones and a lasting sweetness.

    'Buena Vista' Antigua, Guatemala
    'Proyecto Cabañas' Santa Barbara, Honduras
    Biya Farris, Jimma, Ethiopia
     *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.