Amatenango Decaf // Chiapas, Mexico

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Amatenango de la Frontera is a region, just steps away from the Guatemalan border in México. In fact, these coffees are very reminiscent of classic Huehuetenango coffees, as this famous growing region is so close by.

This coffee has been Mountain Water Processed in México at Descamex. During Mountain Water Processing (which gets its name from the source of the water used: Pico de Orizaba, the highest mountain in México), the coffee is exposed to steam and hot water in a process that extracts the water-soluble caffeine molecules. The water is then run through a carbon filter which captures the caffeine molecules and the filtered (now caffeine-free) water is reintroduced to the coffee to re-infuse it with its own aromatic and flavor compounds. The coffee is then carefully dried.

Amatenango De La Frontera
Typica, Catuaí, Bourbon, Garnica
1500 MASL
Washed, Mountain Water Process 
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