Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez

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As well as working on his own coffee farm in Tenejapa, Antonio works for Cafeologica, a sourcing company located in Chiapas.  Tenejapa is a municipality located about an hour outside of San Cristobal de las Casas and is mostly composed of Tzetal Mayan families, many of whom do not speak any Spanish.

Most of the coffee grown in Tenejapa is considered “Old Stock varieties”.  This means that while much of Latin America has moved to other varieties selected for disease resistance or higher yields, Antonio Lopez’s farm has stuck with the lower-yielding and more susceptible varieties that have been grown here for decades.  Antonio believes that the payoff for this decision is the superior quality put forth from these old-stock varieties.

Additionally, Antonio Lopez’s farm is passively organic, meaning that while Lopez doesn’t add any “technically” organic fertilizers to his lands, he also doesn’t use pesticides of any kind.  This leading to a much more natural and authentic expression of this beautiful landscape.


Region : Tenejapa Municipality, Chiapas
Varietals : Organic, Old Stock Bourbon and Caturra
Elevation : 1570 MASL 
Processing : Washed


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