Astrid Medina

Astrid Medina

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Coffee has long had a troubled past plagued with colonialism, slavery, sexism, and perpetual poverty.  Being a low value commodity for so long has built up an infrastructure that keeps farmers in constant states of high-work/low-profit living that’s dictated by markets controlled elsewhere.  The battle to fix this system is seemingly a long and uphill one, but one that can make a huge impact in people’s lives.

Astrid Medina is the daughter of long-time coffee farmer Aureliano Medina Arce.  When her father was killed by the FARC (a guerrilla terrorist group with a stronghold in Tolima), and her mother and brother were killed in a landslide near their house, Astrid took over the family farm.  After years of working the farm producing specialty coffee, she was invited to submit her coffee into the 2015 Cup of Excellence competition, which she had won first place.

Medina subsequently reported that the award had changed her life, as her specialty coffee sold for over 10 times the normal price of Arabica.  The profits have allowed her to improve the farm’s infrastructure, to travel abroad and to offer her children a good education.


Farm : Buena Vista
Varieties : Caturra
Elevation : 1816 MASL 
Processing : Washed


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