• Bukeye F.F.S. // Kayanza, Burundi
  • Bukeye F.F.S. // Kayanza, Burundi

    Bukeye F.F.S. // Kayanza, Burundi

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    Bukeye Coffee Washing Station was the first processing site built by the Long Miles Coffee Project, in January of 2013. Coffee production in Burundi mirrors Kenya’s, where many farmers may provide coffee for a centralized processing facility, though doing so in Burundi is particularly difficult due to lack of production, the sheer distance of landscape, as well as frequent threat of civil unrest.

    The Farmer Field School (F.F.S.) is a program set up by Epa Ndikumana, the social and environmental impact leader at Long Miles to equip farmers in the area with resources, support, and the encouragement needed to grow coffee.  This program provides a ‘model farm’ for farmers in the area to visit to be trained in best agricultural practices,  share ideas, solve problems and provide help to neighbouring producers.  This lot is a selection of coffees from this program.

    Muramvya Province
    Heirloom Bourbon
    1760 MASL
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