Butegana Natural // Kayanza, Burundi // 10oz

Butegana Natural // Kayanza, Burundi // 10oz

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Butegana was built in 1972 and was the first washing station in Burundi.  Many years ago, Rwandan and Burundian troops fought against each other in this region. That is how it got the name ’Butegana’ which means "place of attack”.  Butegana supports coffee farmers in nurseries’ installation, training in agronomic good practices, how to increase coffee productivity and by connecting farmers to the Sustainable Agriculture Network.

The washing station facilities are mainly used for cherry collection, pulping, fermentation, washing (removing pulp), skin drying, final drying and storage before transport to the dry mill. All these activities are monitored using a system that emphasizes traceability and lot separation, under UTZ certification standards.

This is our second time purchasing this coffee, last year having purchased a washed lot.  We’re thrilled to bring back this juicy coffee and are excited to be able to offer the same coffee in a new variant, having selected this beautifully processed natural lot.  This coffee is reminiscent of the washed coffee from last season, yet with a richer sweetness and an enhanced fruit character.


Region : Gatara Commune, Kayanza
Varieties : Red Bourbon
Elevation : 1612 MASL 
Processing : Natural


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