Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez

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Acevedo is a municipality located in the southeastern most corner of the Huila department of Colombia.  Wedged in the fork between the central and eastern mountain ranges where the Colombian Andes, coming up from the south, split into three distinct mountain ranges.  Just beyond the central and eastern cordillera convergence is jungle and thus, moist, cool air.  The affect that this has on Acevedo microclimates is that of a simulated increase in elevation regardless of the slightly lower altitudes.

Coffees grown at lower elevations have potential to produce uninteresting, flat coffees, yet the simulated elevation in Acevedo  leads to coffees are anything but uninteresting.  The cooler nights that occur and cold, moist air from the jungle lead to slower cherry maturation, which leads to sweeter, more complex cups.

This pink bourbon variety from Carlos Hernandez is a wonderful example of the potential that quality varieties, ideal conditions, and precise processing can create.


Farm : San Isidro
Varieties : Pink Bourbon
Elevation : 1480 MASL 
Processing : Washed


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