Chelbesa // Gedeb, Ethiopia

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Negusse Weldyes established SNAP Coffee over ten years ago to provide exporting opportunities as well as coffee washing and processing facilities for farmers across Gedeo, Guji, and West Arsi.  Through SNAP, Negusse is able to provide opportunity and education for farmers who might not have the same access without.

The Chelbesa Washing Station is directly supported by 486 Smallholder Farms, which grow their coffee either in semi-forest conditions (farmers pruning and tending to naturally growing coffee trees in forest area) or garden conditions (coffee trees cultivated and tended near a farmer’s residence).  By sourcing exclusively from these farms, SNAP is able to give farmers access to state of the art processing through their washing stations, creating value for farmers while building consistency and quality.

Gedeb, SNNPR, Ethiopia
JARC 74, 75 & Local Landraces
1900 - 2200 MASL
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