Ciwidey Natural

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Dudy A. Busyori is the lead farmer and processor for this coffee.  He’s a deeply passionate about coffee and gave up his busy, hectic life in Jakarta to return to his Sunda homeland and grow coffee.  His farm is deep in the forest about an hour outside of Ciwidey.  After the coffee is picked, it’s transported by motorbike to a truck that will take the coffee back down the mountain towards Ciwidey.  Dudy’s washing station, Kebun Bintoha, is situated directly behind his home and roastery on about 1 acre of land.  

In an area where traditionally wet-hulled coffee processes have often yielded muted, earthy flavors, we applaud the skill and creativity of Dudy to break outside this norm to produce truly phenomenal coffees from this region.  This natural processed lot from Dudy expresses beautiful snappy and clean fruit characters over a riche, satisfying base. 

Dudy A. Busyori
Kebun Bintoha, Mekarwangi
Sigararutang & Lini S
1430 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.