Thunguri PB // Kirinyaga, Kenya // 10oz

Thunguri PB // Kirinyaga, Kenya // 10oz

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Kenyan coffees are sorted with screens and given a code to delineate their size. AA and AB coffees (the largest and second largest, respectively) are typically the highest quality coffees, yet a third grade, PB, has also been shown to show very high quality. PB stands for “Pea-berry”, which means the coffee grew with only one seed inside each cherry, rather than two. This also means that the seed didn’t have to struggle for space and was able to develop completely round (much like a pea!). Some roasters have noted that the PB’s peculiar shape is a more idealistic shape for roasting and is a large reason as to why these coffees can perform so well and taste so delicious.

Finding bright Kenyan coffee is not incredibly difficult, but finding a Kenyan coffee that is intensely electric, yet at the same time richly sweet, replete with layers of focused fruit character, and balanced on a base of bold, structured, richness is something to be celebrated.  This coffee from the Thunguri Factory, located in Kirinyaga County just at the border with Nyeri County, is one that we’ll happily celebrate.

Region : Kirinyaga, Kenya
Varieties : SL-28, SL-34, K7, Ruiru-11
Elevation : 1600 MASL 
Processing : Washed

*Roasts Monday, Ships Tuesday