Pinheirinho // Carmo De Minas, Brazil // 10oz

Pinheirinho // Carmo De Minas, Brazil // 10oz

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"Lilica", as he's known by his friends, inherited Sitio Pinheirinho from his father, but trouble with alcohol addiction kept him away from the farm and his father continued to manage the farm.  After Lilica's father passed away, he sought help from family and friends to overcome his addiction and began properly investing his time into management of Pinheirinho.  Lilica has thrown himself into his craft and is continually pushing himself to better understand the processes and become the best producer he can be.

Tastes Like : Plum, Hazelnut, Banana

Producer : Lilica
Varieties : Yellow Catuai
Elevation : 1056 - 1140 MASL 
Processing : Natural
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