Danny Moreno // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

Danny Moreno // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

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Danny Moreno is a third generation coffee grower and son of famed coffee producer, Daniel Moreno.  Daniel passed away this last year, but his seven sons have continued on his legacy in Santa Barbara, each son with their own farms while continuing the management of their father’s farms. 

Together, the Moreno family has built a wet mill, raised beds, and solar dryers to process and prepare their specialty lots. Working together and sharing their facilities with their neighbours, the family has helped elevate the El Cedral community to produce and prepare better quality.

This lot comes to us from Danny Moreno’s Los Tucanes farm and is our second year buying from Danny, yet we’ve also purchased other lots from the Moreno family, who have been working with our importing partners at Collaborative Coffee Source since 2005.

Tastes Like : Pink Grapefruit, Sugar Cane, Persimmon

Farm :Los Tucanes
Varieties : Pacas
Elevation : 1600 MASL 
Processing : Washed

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