Danny Moreno // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

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The Moreno brothers: Miguel, Mario, Danny, Jesus, Gerardo, and Olvin each inherited their farms from their father Daniel, who divided “El Filo” into lots for each son. Together, the family has built a wet mill, raised beds, and solar dryers to process and prepare their specialty lots. Working together and sharing their facilities with their neighbors, the family has helped elevate the El Cedral community to produce and prepare better quality.

We’ve purchased coffee from Danny Moreno each harvest year since opening our Roastery and are always fascinated by the complexity and marriage of sweetness and delicate tropical acidity we find in Danny’s coffees.  We’re excited this year to be able to offer this honey processed lot, which displays all the clarity and acidity that we expect from Danny’s coffees but with an added layer of deeper, caramelized sugar sweetness.

El Filo
Pacas, Catuai
1540 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.