Dario Hernandez // Antigua, Guatemala

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This distinguished micro-lot was produced by the Hernandez family in the Antigua region. Their 2-hectare farm benefits from the rich volcanic soil from the nearby Hunapu volcano and nurtures exceptionally manicured Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties. The Hernandez family comes from a long lineage of coffee farmers, and this is made evident in the Hernandez’ immaculately pruned and planted farm. The Hernandez’ work to employ sustainable practices wherever possible, using largely organic-based inputs to manage challenges like coffee leaf rust and ojo de gayo. Harvested from January to April, the cherries undergo a meticulously monitored washed process, with a 15 hour submerged fermentation before being moved to a 14 day patio drying.
This lot exemplifies the family's passion for coffee cultivation, with a focus on expanding their farm in the future. Their dedication to excellence and tradition is evident, making this coffee a true testament to their legacy and commitment to producing some of the finest coffee in the region.

Antigua, Guatemala
Bourbon, Caturra
1600 - 1800 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.