David Tao // Huila, Colombia

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David Tao comes from a coffee-growing family. He has been in the countryside, where he inherited the culture and respect for coffee. Although he has been in constant contact with the coffee farmer's lifestyle, he had not decided to adventure into the world of specialty coffee until his uncle inspired him, teaching him and leading him through the process.

For David, the most important traits a coffee farmer must have is discipline and love for his work. David tells us that he takes care of his coffee trees like a father who cares for his sons, nurturing them with love, watching them grow, and bearing fruit.

Learning from his uncle has paid off as this is his first sale of coffee outside of the country, which has motivated him to continue learning and improving as a coffee farmer. At this moment, he has been able to buy a car and dreams of improving his farm and giving a good life to his family.

David picked every single coffee cherry by himself and carried each bag across a creek on a makeshift bridge made out of guadua (bamboo).  This lot fermented in-cherry for 48 hours followed by an anaerobic fermentation for 8 days before being dried under shade for 4 days and then moved to parabolic beds to finish for 25.

Finca La Chorrera
Villa Mercedes, La Plata
v. Colombia
1710 MASL
Double Fermentation
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