Ever Moreno

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Released in 1982 and developed by Colombian researchers at Cenicafe by crossing Caturra and Timor Hybrid, Variedad Colombia was designed to combat the outbreak of the coffee leaf rust fungus within Colombia.  Coffee leaf rust over the years has decimated crops and shaken the industry.  A single outbreak on a farm can place already vulnerable workers in absolute poverty and destroy communities.  V. Colombia, designed for its resistance to coffee leaf rust, is credited with saving the Colombian coffee industry from serious damage when the fungus reached Colombia.

This 100% v. Colombia lot produced by Ever Moreno was submitted to the Copa Suaceña — a coffee competition for producers within Suaza organized by our exporting partner, Osito Coffee.  This competition committed a base price for all coffees that scored 86+ and then additional premiums for the top lots of the competition.  Ever’s 7th place finish is particularly impressive, as v. Colombia is not always known as a top-performing variety, yet shows how great producing practices can yield quite impressive results.


Las Veguitas
Alto Horizonte, Suaza
v. Colombia
1700 MASL
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