Francisco Gamboa

Francisco Gamboa

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Francisco Gamboa is a coffee farmer from the small town of Colombia, in the Huila Department of Colombia.  As his family has been growing coffee for three generations, Francisco has known and grown coffee his entire life and purchased his own farm 20 years ago from his Grandmother.

He is passionate about quality and has committed to producing the highest quality of coffee he can.  Our importing partners met Francisco on their latest trip to Acevedo, where they were hosting the Acevedo Cup.  Francisco heard of this and packed up some coffee and drove down 7 hours with his daughter (who is also a coffee farmer) to meet our partners and give them an opportunity to taste his coffee.

Upon tasting Franciscos coffee, we immediately knew the reason behind the name of his farm : Los Mangos. 

Tastes Like : Mango, Pineapple, Lilac

Region : Huila, Colombia
Varieties : Typica
Elevation : 1500 MASL 
Processing : Washed

*Roasts Monday or Wednesday, ships the following day