Gute Sodu

Gute Sodu

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Coffee varieties in Ethiopia has long been a misunderstood aspect of the coffee industry.  Being the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopian varieties have had centuries to mutate and cross-pollinate — leading to a vast number of unique and divergant coffee varieties available to farmers.  This, along with the fact that many farmers grow coffee on their land because the coffee was already growing there naturally when they purchased the land, as well as the fact that most coffee in Ethiopia is sent to cooperatives to be processed in batches and exported, getting single variety coffees can be an extremely rare occurrence and a difficult feat to achieve.

Thanks to the work of our exporting partners in Ethiopia and the rigorous and thorough efforts they’ve put in to utilizing the recent changes in the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, we’re extremely thrilled to be able to present this single-variety “Dega” from the Gute Sodu cooperative in Hambela, Jimma.  There’s still a lot of work to do in cataloguing the vast number of Ethiopian coffee varieties, and a lot of work to do in tasting each variety.  We for one, are excited for the work here.

Tastes Like : Watermelon, Peach Candy, Icing Sugar

Region: Hambela
Varieties : Dega
Elevation : 1900-2100 MASL 
Processing : Washed

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