Isaias Fernandez // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

Isaias Fernandez // Santa Barbara, Honduras // 10oz

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Isaias was born and raised on the family farm.  Him and his brother, Nahun (who was also born on the farm), have managed their farm side-by-side for years, aptly named after their father, Don Andres.  Isaias has known coffee his entire life, and as such, lives and breathes coffee.  Don Andres was first planted in 1974 and has seen many changes in the coffee industry over that time.

In processing, this coffee has undergone an anaerobic fermentation — meaning that the coffee is processed covered and in an oxygen-free environment.  This unique processing allows a different environment for the natural bacteria and yeasts present on the skins of the coffee to interact with, which leads to the unique clarity and focus of acidity in this wonderfully clean Honduran coffee.

Tastes Like : Reisling, Apricot, Red Tea

Farm : La Fincona
Varieties : pacas
Elevation : 1600 MASL 
Processing : Anaerobic Fermentation, Washed

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