Jesus Antonio Saavedra // Tolima, Colombia // 10oz

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To reach El Placer in the department of San Antonio, Tolima, one has to travel one and a half hours up hill by horseback from the nearest road.  This workload is par for the course for Jesus, who has always held a deep understanding of the benefit of dedication to hard, committed work.  Twenty years ago Jesus sold his farm at 1200 MASL, realizing that temperatures were rising and it would soon be impossible to grow excellent coffee on his lad, and bought El Placer further up the hill.  Since that move, Jesus has continually refined his farming practices.  The quality of his coffee is a result of daily persistence and willingness to learn. Antonio renovates his farm regularly to keep the trees young. His pickers are trained to collect only the ripe cherries which he depulps immediately and ferments for 36 hours in lidded containers filled with just enough water to cover the cherries. He washes the coffee up to four times to remove all trace of mucilage, and dries it slowly in a solar drier for around 15 days. He personally inspects every truck that will transport his coffee and accepts only impeccable cleanliness.

On top of all this Jesus has also built a school for the local children, who may not otherwise have access to continued education.  Their teacher is also the head cook and chief caretaker. She walks one and a half hours up the hill to Antonio’s property on a Monday morning, then teaches, cooks and cares for the kids until they all go home on Friday.  The dedication of the teacher and the children is a reflection of Antonio’s own serious approach to life and work.

“I have coffee in my blood,” Antonio explains, “I have been a coffee grower for 40 years. Coffee brings me food, life, love. I’m so proud when people buy my coffee and enjoy it.”

El Placer
San Francisco, Los Alpes, Tolima
Caturra, v. Colombia
2020 MASL
Washed, 36hr Fermentation 
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