Kubi // Gedeb, Ethiopia

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The Chelbesa region is known to be one of the finest producing areas within Gedeb and where Negusse Debela, owner of SNAP Specialty Coffees runs one of his three washing stations across Ethiopia. Recently Negusse has started to work within the surrounding sub-kebeles across the region, isolating smaller plots and separating out what would have previously gone to larger regional blends.

Kubi is one of these sub-kebeles within Chelbesa and one of the highest elevations within Chelbesa. Densely layered forested coffees with ample naturally occurring shade trees, Kubi produces beautifully clean and and floral coffees. Everything we love about Ethiopian coffees.

Gedeb, SNNPR
Local Landraces
1950 - 2200 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.