Layo Teraga

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Layo Teraga is a cooperative located in northern Guji (Uraga) and has around 500 members comprised of largely smallholder farms that consist of small, personal gardens surrounding the family home. Coffees from this area of Uraga, around the Hawata washing station are some of the highest grown in Ethiopia and the world, with peaks up to 2300 MASL. This coffee is mainly grown in semi-forested environments, using natural vegetation as shade cover.

This washing station is the considered the crown jewel to the cooperative, and produces immaculatley clean coffees.  This lot was washed, fermented in clean water for 48-72 hours, then placed on raised african beds for 15-20 days until it reached desired moisture content.

Washing Station
Northern Guji, Oromia Zone
Ethiopian Landraces
1950 - 2300 MASL
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