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Masha coffee washing station shares its name with the sub-hill upon which it stands. The sub-hill is actually more famous for its cattle than its coffee. The name Masha is derived from the Kirundi word “amasho” meaning “herds of cattle”. The sub-hill has been a cross road for many herds in the region and many of the local herders even have a unique greeting for each other, used only in these parts which is appropriate considering that 70% of them own cows. They will say “gira amasho” towards one another meaning “owner of cows.”

Masha station was built in 1989. Farmers intercrop their trees with food crops and other cash crops to feed and support their families.  During the harvest season, all coffee is selectively hand-picked. Most families only have 200 to 250 trees, and harvesting is done almost entirely by the family.

As farmers deliver their cherries they are wet processed under constant supervision. The pulping, fermentation time, washing, grading in the channels and a final soaking is closely monitored.  The coffee is then dry fermented for up to 12 hours and then washed in clean mountain water for 12 to 24 hours.  Parchment is then soaked for an additional 12-18 hours before being dried on raised beds for 2 to 3 weeks.



Gihororo Hill, Kayanza Provence
Red Bourbon
1700 - 1900 MASL
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