Mohammed Aba Nura

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Most coffee exported from Ethiopia over the years has historically been purchased through the ECX.  This Ethiopian Commodities Exchange acts as an auction house for lots in an effort to create fair compensation for the coffees sold.  Though necessary at times, this process has removed large amounts of traceability from the coffees and prevented farmers from being able to export their coffees privately through individually negotiated contracts.

Newer changes to the local coffee trading laws has recently given individual producers the opportunity to procure their own export licenses and sell directly to importers and roasters and negotiate their own contract compensations.  Mohammed Aba Nura is part of the Tokuma group of producers in the region who have joined forces to develop their expertise and knowledge, to make them more independent and to offer the possibility to buy traceable lots at the farm.

Beshasha, Gomma
JARC 74110 (Gibirinna)
2100 MASL
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