• Mohammed Aba Nura // Jimma Ethiopia
  • Mohammed Aba Nura // Jimma Ethiopia

    Mohammed Aba Nura // Jimma Ethiopia

    Historically in Ethiopia, it was a requirement that all coffee produced was to be sold through the government controlled auction known as the ECX.  Purchasing coffee this way was always fraught with error.  Through recent changes, the Ethiopian government is now allowing smallholder producers the ability to hold their own export licenses, which allows greater and deeper work to be done in creating meaningful partnerships with producers.

    This lot comes to us via Mohammed Aba Nura.  He runs a 35+ hectare farm in West Ethiopia and previously all his coffee was run through this same ECX system.  He now holds his own export license and is able to negotiate his own prices, while also allows him more control over the entire process, from growing, to milling, to export. 

    Omafuntulay, Jimma
    JARC 74110
    2100 MASL
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