Nano Challa // Jimma, Ethiopia // 10oz

Nano Challa // Jimma, Ethiopia // 10oz

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Nano Challa is a legendary coffee station managed by Asnake Nigat and the team at the Kata Muduga Union.  Officially established in 2010, Kata Mudaga was one of the first cooperatives in the west to get support from Technoserve, a nonprofit organization who works to help build competitive farms and businesses in the developing world by linking people to information, capital support, and markets.  This helps establish farms and cooperatives as stand alone entities that can support their workers and take many of those connected out of poverty systems.

The Nano Challa Cooperative is a prime example of the work that specialty coffee can do for people in developing areas.  Before the establishment of Nano Challa, farmers in the area generally sold their coffees as “Jimma Grade 5”, referring to the lower quality of output and often received very little for their work.  Now, Nano Challa is a revered cooperative around the world and the 230 families that produce for Nano Challa are able to be compensated much more.  Additionally, seeing the success of the cooperative, further cooperatives have been established in the area who are also producing prized coffees and compensating the families that live here.


Region : Gera, Jimma, Oromia
Varieties : Native Forest Varieties
Elevation : 2000 MASL
Processing : Washed


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