Nuevo Paraiso // Chiapas, Mexico

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Cafeco, the exporting parter for this community lot, is about four years old and has been growth-focused both in terms of both sourcing and community. Working in the very isolated pueblo of Nuevo Paraiso, they've focused on creating internal infrastrucutre the community can use, starting with a warehouse and a large nursery, out of which they distributed productive and leaf rust-resistant varieties to partner farmers at no cost, leading to massively increased productivity.

With the premiums paid for their coffees, they’re currently working on installing their own dry mill to strengthen the community as a whole and be able to service farmers who would otherwise have to travel far on limited roads.

La Concordia, Chiapas
Caturra, Typica, Bourbon, Marsellesa
1350-1800 MASL
 *Roasts Tuesday, Ships the following day.