Qicha // Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia // 10oz

Qicha // Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia // 10oz

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Ethiopian coffees have a remarkable ability to completely change the perceptions of what flavors coffee drinkers can expect out of a cup.  This beautiful birthplace of coffee boasts a staggering genetic diversity of variety, large jungles of wild growing coffee trees perpetually shaded by the large overgrowth and a vast range of flavor punctuated by intense aromatics, deep sweetness, and electrifying acidity.

Amidst this beautiful landscape of coffee, Ethiopian coffee’s reputation can be tarnished by the lack of awareness of heirloom Ethiopian varieties and an absence of traceability from the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange.  Changes to this system has begun but we have a long way to go to truly understand the homeland of coffee.  We’ve begun to source coffees from Ethiopia that have definable varietals listed and are excited to continue to taste through everything that Ethiopia has to offer.


Region : Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Varieties : Dega, Korume
Elevation : 1900 - 2000 MASL 
Processing : Natural


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