Ticuna Lactic Pink Bourbon // Huila, Colombia

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Café Ticuna is a project run by our good friends Kyle Bellinger and José Jadir Losada. This lot comes from El Diviso farm, which is one of three farms in the Ticuna Network. The farm lies high on the Eastern Cordillera, as it borders Caquetá. Here, they grow a number of unique and rarer varieties, and, while not certified, practice fully organic growing techniques.

The farms in Garzón are described as “simply trees on a mountain”. There’s no infrastructure — not even a road that leads to the farm. The last kilometer must be taken by foot foot or by horse.  Since there’s no wet mill at the farm, cherries are harvested and then processed in downtown Garzón at their offices.

The coffees from Ticuna are all lacto-fermented, meaning after the cherries are floated and sorted, they’re fermented in a 2% salt solution to kill off pathogens and promote the growth of lactobacillus. The net resutlt is a coffee that remains extremely vibrant and very clean.

José Jadir Losada & Kyle Bellinger
Las Mercedes, Garzón, Huila
Pink Bourbon
1900 MASL
Lacto-Fermented, Washed 
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