Was // Sidamo, Ethiopia // 10oz

Was // Sidamo, Ethiopia // 10oz

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Ethiopia has long been one of our absolute favorite growing regions.  Known as the "Queen of Coffee Origins", Ethiopian coffees display an overwhelming range of flavor potential such as florals, citrus, stone fruit, berries and sweet chocolates.  Was, for us, gives the perfect balance of flavor and what we dream for when receiving coffee from Ethiopia.

This coffee comes to us from Heleanna Georgalis and her Moplaco Trading Co, who purchased this coffee through the Ethiopian Commodities Exchange, analyzed the quality, further cleaned it, and exported it out to us.

Tastes Like : Bergamot, Lime Zest, Graham Cracker

Region : Bensa, Sidamo
Varieties : Heirloom
Elevation : 1800 - 2300 MASL 
Processing : Washed

*Roasts Monday, Ships Tuesday