by Tanner Morita

Hello and welcome to the HEX Coffee Journal.

HEX began as three friends who brewed coffee together and started to see the way that the ceremony of it could bring community together.  We began inviting others into our tradition, and the scope of things got larger and larger until it became obvious that the impact of bringing people together over a simple cup of coffee had implications that begged to be brought into the fold.

A community brought together to celebrate the humble cup.  A community brought together over a simple fruit.  A fruit who's production has been plagued with slavery, poverty, and the burdens of mass production.

We believe that the lives of Coffee Farmers can achieve the same glory, status, and living conditions of Wine Producers.  We believe that by working with Farmers who are producing higher-quality Coffees, working with Farmers to improve living conditions on their Farms, and then presenting those Coffees in the purest way possible -- pointing everything towards their provenance and unique-ness, we can change the perception of Coffee as a simple commodity.

Join us on our journey.  Join the community.

We'll be using this journal as a venture for discussion -- sharing our thoughts on all things Coffee and Non-Coffee.  Stay tuned for Brewing Recipes, Extraction Philosophies, Analysis of the Roasting Process, our findings in Business, and interviews with Coffee and Non-Coffee alike.


HEX Coffee