• We aggregate orders Monday at midnight to be shipped out that week. If you do not meet that cutoff, your order will be shipped out the following week.

  • All outgoing orders ship on Wednesdays. You will receive confirmation once your order is shipped.

  • Depending on the coffee, we typically find that our coffees peak between 2-4 weeks past roast. Every coffee is different, but our general rule is that if you brew the coffee and you're tasting some dry or abrasive characteristics, you may need to let the coffee rest longer.

  • Our coffee is safe to drink for quite a while, but over time the volatile aromatics and acidity in a coffee may start to dim. This may start to occur 6-12 weeks post roasting, but can start even later for some coffees. Also, the rate at which aromatics and vibrancy are lost varies from coffee to coffee. You may even find that a coffee has improved after letting it rest for a few months.

  • Check back here later or subscribe to our newsletter. We'll be releasing brewing guides and best practices here shortly.

  • We work extremely hard to make sure that our offerings are dialed in and to our standards. Should you find that the coffee is not up to yours, please reach out to us at info@hex.coffee and we'll do our best to help.

  • If your order hasn't shipped, then email us at info@hex.coffee -- we'll be happy to assist in making any changes to your order.

  • Mistakes happen -- email us at info@hex.coffee and we'll fix this issue ASAP.

  • We prioritize direct relationships over Fair Trade or Organic labels, which can be costly for producers. Our approach involves paying well above standard rates, including those of Fair Trade, directly supporting our growers. This ensures ethical practices and superior coffee quality, while making a meaningful impact in our coffee communities.