Desvelado Decaf // Tolima, Colombia

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This coffee from the Tolima region of Colombia consists of lots from multiple small, high-elevation farms.  We’re excited to share this decaffeinated coffee from one of our favorite coffee growing regions in the world.

This coffee has been decaffeinated using sugarcane-derived Ethyl-Acetate — a naturally occurring compound found in many fruits and vegetables.  Using a process that can occur fully within country-of-origin borders allows this coffee to be processed quickly and without unnecessary exposure to travel conditions, which can take a toll on a coffees quality and shell-life.  This allows the potential of this coffee to stay just as flavorful and sweet as the original, caffeinated version.

Various Smallholder Farms
v. Colombia, Castillo, Caturra, Tabi
1450 - 1750 MASL
Sugarcane E.A.
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